Youth Page


Igbo Canadian Community Association-Umunna recognizes the great importance of developing and grooming enterprising youth leaders in our community, not just as leaders of tomorrow but as leaders of today. Our youth is the nucleus and energy of our community and their strength and dynamism impulse our growth and future and future. We believe that our success must have successors for us to remain a viable and organic family.

Igbo Youth Training Objectives

In it is this context that we have worked hard to encourage strong youth leadership in the ICC-Umunna family. We envision that a proper leadership training for our youth will accomplish the following purposes:

  1. Prepare Igbo youth to handle challenges in all aspects of their lives and teach them skills in problem solving and human management and when adolescents develop skills in leadership, society is guaranteed a bright future of impactful initiatives and well executed ideas.
  2. Because much of society’s youth today need skills to operate in groups settings in industries, workplaces and community were collaborative experiences are inter-changed, shared, and executed, it is very necessary to properly train Igbo youths so that they reasonably participate in those settings with confidence and leadership skills that are crucial to success.
  3. The period of transition to adulthood and maturity are periods when youths learn to work with peers and to apply their potential and transform creative ideas into concrete results. Well trained Igbo youths will be able to show their peers how to build confidence and access their fullest potentials.
  4. To teach Igbo youths how to remain focused on a goal and motivated to do their best to achieve it. They learn from community service and mentoring how to ensure positivity, success and effective execution of ideas and pursue their ideals until fruition.